TE3075 Advanced Post Production Techniques Footage by Kayne Tyrrell Footage edited by Aiden Duke
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0 In this video I shoot flowers in my garden to help illustrate how important awareness of Depth of Field is in Macro Photography. This tutorial also includes a few Lightroom techniques, for those of you so inclined.
A demonstration of a sample photo workflow spanning import, review and processing.
This video will take you from Lightroom to Photoshop and back again in three simple steps to make your photography editing quick!
In this video I show you how I arrange my presets in Lightroom to increase my efficiency when editing images. You can get the same setup for yourself by purchasing my General Workflow preset bundle from my store.
Diary of a Brecon Beacons Landscape photographer more info visit http://blackmountainsphotography.com/
If you want to see the images from this critique in full, check out my blog post about it here: What a travel photography critique? If you want me to critique your work, set up a flickr album with 5-10 of your favourite images. Then, head over to my blog and shoot me an email via my contact page with the link to that album. If you don’t have flickr, but have a blog, like Jeff, you can also do what he did and create a blog article with all the photo data and send that over. About the Landscape [More]
Where I Buy all of my Photography Gear http://bit.ly/emipazm (Best Prices Too!!) Talking Landscape Photography with Gail Andreu from Gail Andreu Photography. Gail happens to be our first guest on the channel as she shares her best tips on EMIP TV on how to get started in Landscape Photography. I met Gail Andreu on Twitter and seen her work on her website. Her landscapes and people photographs are phenomenal. Be sure to visit Gail’s website to see more of her work. http://www.gailandreuphotography.com Gail Andreu Photography on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gailandreuphotography Thanks for watching this video and a special thanks to Gail Andreu [More]
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